...LIVE... is the twelfth solo album by Klaus Schulze, originally released in 1980. It is Schulze's first live album and was recorded on concerts in 1976 (Berlin) and 1979 (Amsterdam and Paris).


CD 1

  1. Bellistique (21:20) [wrongly printed 22:10]
  2. Sense (51:00) [original release 31:10]

CD 2

  1. Heart (30:53)
  2. Dymagic (29:21)
  3. Le Mans Au Premier (17:58) Bonus Track


Recording Date: 05 October 1976, 27 October 1979, 10 November 1979, 13 November 1979

Recording site(s): Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris

Producer(s): Klaus Schulze

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Musician(s): Klaus Schulze, Harald Grosskopf (drums), Arthur Brown (vocal)


Sense is a dummy head stereo recording from the "Meta Musik Festival", Berlin 05 October 1976. Only on the 2007 reissue you can hear the full version (51:00) of Sense, all older releases used a shorter version (31:10). It features Harald Grosskopf on drums.

Bellistique and Heart were recorded on 13 November 1979 in Paris, "Hippodrôme".

Dymagic was recorded on 27 October 1979 in Amsterdam, "Paradiso". It features Arthur Brown on vocals.

The cover photograph was taken by Frédéric Pauchot.

In 2007 ...LIVE... was reissued by REVISTED RECORDS as part of a series of Schulze album reissues. The reissue bonus track Le Mans was recorded live on 10 November 1979 in the French town Le Mans.


Electronics, drumkit



  • 1980 BRAIN 0080.048 (black Brain) 2LP
  • 1980 BRAIN 0080.048 (orange Brain) 2LP
  • 1995 MANIKIN MRCD 7008 2CD
  • 2007 SPV/REVISTED RECORDS REV 076 2CD Digipak


  • 1980 EMI PATHÉ 2C 170 63901, 2C 170 63902 2LP


  • 2008 ARCANGELO ARC-7279/80 2CD papersleeve

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