Mindphaser is the second track on the sixth album by Klaus Schulze, MOONDAWN (1976).


Recorded: January 1976

Composer(s): Klaus Schulze

Perfomer(s): Klaus Schulze, Harald Grosskopf (drums)

Alternative Version(s): Supplement


The bonus track Supplement  on the 2005 Re-release of MOONDAWN is a different version of Mindphaser. 

Mindphaser is credited on samplers HISTORY OF GERMAN ROCK (1976) and MINDPHASER (1980), but in fact it is Floating on those LPs.

This track was (partly) used for:

  • the suisse film "Forscher des Vertikalen - Auguste Piccard"
  • the suisse film "Promenons-Nous"
  • the German TV film "In Sachen Natur" (1993)
  • the TV documentary "Landschaften der Erde - Teil 2: Wüsten" (1996)


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